Friday, September 7, 2012

VALUES EDUCATION:How to change your negative responses?

Have you ever had negative responses to your children at some time of you being a mom or a woman? 
When at times of difficultness like being stressed, getting into a hard situation, or suffering from a really deep pain and yet you still did negative responses to your children and suddenly you realize that you did was wrong? And you can't even hold it back the way you wanted and the way it should be retorted. That makes you upset, right?
I would like to share tips from the book '365 Ways to Help Your Children Grow' by Shella Ellison and Barbara Ann Barnett, Ph.D on what to do when you aren't happy on the way you reacted under a sudden unexpected situation.

1. Close your eyes and review the situation in your head, trying to see all the little details, onceyou have it clearly in your head, run the scene again, except this time change the way you act. Even though it is in your mine, it is a step toward being able to respond differently next time.

2. It is never too late to say you're sorry. A child will learn very much from this kind of modeling. You might say, " I had a very, hard day today and I am so sorry that I yelled the way I did, it had nothing to do with how you were acting. Do you forgive me?"

I hope these guides on 'how to change your negative responses would definitely helped us parents, moms, woman, and anyone on our daily lives to achieve a better and happier family we are building, foq a happy family would produce into a better individuals being responsible as each member grows in a society and become a good example for each one of us.

So, share us how did you had negative responses and how you had handled it on a well-behaved situation where you felt fine and satisfied? Feel free to share us your thoughts.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to help your child grow healthier after Primary Koch’s?

Last March 2011, my younger son was hit by Primary Koch's and now after a more that a year he is better now and I would like to share on how to help your child grow healthier after Primary Koch’s?
As I reveal the story behind my son’s situation, being about 2 years old then and now going four by next month, I see the difference between then and now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Name Errors: A Serious Matter

Twenty-eight years of my life and of my existence and still my life hasn't move on into the life I was always dreaming of. Why? Because from the start of it, I wasn't even settled into the right way. Funny and dramatic but it's the reality. Yes, for some 'first name errors', on a serious matter, I still can't move on.

The Birth

I was born on February 21, 1984 with my parents' happiness  as my mom gave birth to a cute baby girl(love your own :)). With the excitement they had, together with the elders whom had they took advice on how to take good care of a child, they named me after my father's first name, Dionessa. Please don't gave any comment about it, I wasn't even giving any. :) I was left at the hospital for I had to be confined for the reason that I ate some of the wastes on my mother's womb. After a month, it was then I finally got home. But for the first three months, I wasn't enjoying my baby life for I was always getting sick.

The Life-changing Decision

Filipinos respect their elders and every opinion they gave really affects each family they get involved. So as one of the elders gave an advice to my parents whom are very young at their age at that moment, that the reason behind my sickness was I myself doesn't like the name they had gave me. Yes, I wasn't liking my name, as the elders said. How'd they know? We'll, maybe I wasn't really liking my name at all. Don't even mention it to my father. Anyways, I was baptized in the name of Mary Charmaine Ness Nioda and eventually after the 'baptism',  the sickness I was suffering faded away.

The' School' Stage

I wonder how I went to school with the conflict I had in my birth certificate. I haven't even realize how hard it is when the legal papers matter. Guess what? As of now, I am using Ma. Charmaine Ness Nioda, as you can see on myprofile here. I know, you feel like I'm riding on a roller coaster with different angles and heights. Wish you weren't like me.

Anyways, I did notice that I had a 'forge' birth certificate when I went to college and settle my own requirements by myself,  although, in my entire life I did know all about my name. But the university I attended to, haven't even questioned the certification I submitted to them. So I was thinking it was ok then.

The Realization

Along the college days, my friends and I decided for us to get a job at the same time. So, we look for jobs during the day for we  attended school during late times at the day, an evening students. So we went looking on fast food chains and given the requirements, I was stunned! One of the requirements should be NSO(National Statistics Office) authenticated birth certificate. Whew!!! That was it. I, having different names, wasn't getting the job I was looking for, mainly with the reason of conflict legal birth certificate.

That was one of the discouragement I had until some things did change my life. Have you had the feeling of not getting into somewhere you were dreaming of? That was what I feel until now.

I did look for jobs but jobs whom doesn't require any legal papers at all. What was the reciprocity? No benefits at all; Phil health, SSS, Pag-ibig etc. only with a much lesser salary that the law requires to. The worst was, I cannot even work abroad for we all know that there is much chance of a lightier life when you work abroad. A chance for you to get your dreams much closer than working here in the Philippines, as we all know, economy reality, but not degrading the government at all.

Lessons in Life

I'm not even blaming my parents for I understand that what they did was for my own sake but risking in reality. But how I really wish they haven't done this at all. Now, being a mom and a woman, I see to it that I am using the right thing to my children when in terms of their names. I rest assured that what's registered on the Civil Registry, the baptismal and the name they are using is not conflicting with each other. I am into this trouble, so I won't even wanted my children  or anyone get into this. I just hope the parents would really see to it and assured themselves the security to their children because my whole life change at all the moment my parents change my name.

The Solution

But it's not at all too late. :) I did research on the internet and do some work on going to the Civil Registry Office to do the homework. What I found out that it was really not too late for me to fix this trouble at all. What just made me discourage was the amount I should spend on to fix this. I heard that the processing fee is three thousand pesos plus the other requirements plus the two weeks publishing and the four to six months processing. See, it's even harder but at least there is this chance.

The Requirements

I went to the Civil Registry office one day to ask for the requirements for me to get fix my first name error. But the officer in-charge told me to present first my Certification of Live Birth. So what I did was I look for other sources and finally found out the requirements I should submit in terms of fixing my first name errors. What I found was:

RA 9048 (known as) correction of clerical error birth, marriage & death (CCE) and change of first name (CFN)

·         Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage & Death
·         Baptismal Certificate
·         Secondary & College Transcript of Records
·         Valid Identification Card
·         Police Clearance
·         NBI Clearance
·         Affidavit of Two Disinterested Person

That's it but here's the steps to be followed (the hard-long steps):

❶Receiving/Review of Petition
❷Payment of Fees(Treasury Office) -which I heard was P3,000
❸Preparation & Posting (10 days)
❹Publication of Petition ( 2 weeks)
❺Decision of CFN
❻Submission of Petition (NSO Manila)
❼Affirmation of Decision
❽Issuance of Finality

See? Reading these would let you imagine the money you should spend, the time you should spare, and the patience you should hold. So you realize the simplier way to fix your mind on your children's first name.

I should Do

My mother, whom I told the processes I should go, told me to get an advice from legal office on changing my first name error. She said that if following my live birth certificate name would spend a much lesser time, effort and money, then I should do follow it rather than changing it at all. I answered her, I would've get sick again. :) I just really love my name today.

Although, in reality, I just really don't know where to get the financial support for me  to fix things up, but I know at least I had the chance. I had started to gather the requirements I needed and all I hope was for me to fix my first name error for the better future ahead of me being a mom and a woman of today.

I am hoping to hear from you guys about how you had in a way involve for fixing first name errors and share it with us. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mom's Birthday Today

Happy Birthday Mama!
Mama & Papa
Today's my mom's 52nd  birthday. We had started the day with a 'mananita' activity. In short, with a prayer lead by the four of the greatest and oldest leaders in our little community in church.

We were really happy about it. Everybody wish my mom to be happy. Yes. happy! Recently, a really hard trial had been through with us. Although we still working on it as a family. The family as of today is not really in a good situation but I know each one of us still continue to fight.

I'm just glad that my mom chooses us to be complete rather than choosing to fight with the battle alone. As they always say:
The family that prays together, stays together.

Happy birthday Mama. Thank you for almost 30 years of taking good care of us. Thank you for the unconditional love, and sorry for the misunderstandings we had. I know in that we continue to understand each other. I became a mom and that I owe to you. What I learned today, was for what you had thought us.Thank You and we love you so much.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monster Questions...

Have you ever experienced being asked by your children with 'monster questions'? Yes, I called them as monster questions because just really don't know where I could find the answers or even deliver an answer on a way they would understand.

One day, I was working on my blog when my eldest son, Ares, asked me a question: ' Why does I don't have an H. in my name?' I figured out what is he talking about. And I understood that it was all about his middle name. Yes, he has no middle name and he carries my surname for the reason that he's father was not there to acknowledge his surname being carried by our son, in short an illegitimate child but not unwanted.

So, again I understood that I was asked again a 'monster question'. So, I hurriedly looked for a better, easy-to-understand answer. I told him that his father was not there physically to recognized him on his birth certificate and explaining it in a much broad and easy way. As I was looking at him, I saw a still unacceptable confused mind. I wonder if he really got my explanation, but he did stop asking again.

Whew! What a day! I wish those monster questions would never come again, but I know it wouldn't . For all we know that children as of today are really smarter and confused than we thought.

Have you ever asked monster questions by your kids?How did you deal with it. I would really appreciate to get a response from you guys being a mom and a woman.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Learn Biking After 28 years!

Biking is fun!

The history...

                I’ve been wanting to learn biking since I was a kid. But fears came first. I was really afraid of getting down and getting wounds as a bonus from the experience of the enjoyment of biking. Now, being a woman and a mom, riding a bike is really fun after 28 years.
                Now, I have the courage, the searched braveness that I was looking for back then. Why not face my fears now? Although, I was being depressed for some reason, I tried converting it into a positive way. And that’s biking.
               I was really envy when I saw people who knows how to ride a bike especially girls. Just one day, my youngest sister, Jelly, 7, rush through me just being proud that at last she learned riding a bike. So I and my other sister Charizza, 18, not to mention that she already enjoyed riding a bike also, went outside to see ourselves the truth. And then, we started to widen our smiles as we see Jelly really knows how to do it. Wow! Then I thought: what about me? I was the only sibling who doesn’t know it as of now. So, an idea came into me. Why not tried it? Why not instead of just letting myself lie on the corner my bed still thinking of the why and how things, why not make myself busy trying to put things in a positive way?

Started the first step...and being discouraged

                The next day, about 2:30pm,  I pulled myself and Charizza carrying the small bike into the road, for confidence security. I tried sitting myself on the little triangle chair in the middle and started to pedalled, but I failed. I couldn’t continue the pace. I was also conscious that the neighbours are yelling at me like they’ve never see any 28 year-old, chubby woman tries to learn riding a bike, in their whole life. So, I got shy. I decided to go back in the house and hide myself. The awkwardness, the hesitant, and the self-pity came into me. Why does I really never had the courage to face this when I was a kid. Back then, I would never felt this kind of emotions.

And so pushing through...

                Days passed and the courage was just racing up and down. I tried learning it inside our house which the space couldn’t even reach more than five meters. I hide myself. Then one night, I dreamt of seeing myself riding a bike. So the next morning, I suggested to Charizza to go with me at Mount Carmel, where an elevated, silent road is waiting for me. There, I started again to pedal, pushing my feet to continue pedalling. But failure kept on winning over me again and again. Then Charizza suggested that I should go on the higher part of the road, riding the bike heading downwards where less effort is needed. All I should do is balancing. And I tried, and to my shock, I did it although holding tight the brakes. And I started heading upwards, and the failure comes again. I’ve done it, why not now? So, instead of bothering myself the answers, I just kept on trying the easier way, heading downwards. After some couple of riding downwards, I , again tried the harder way, heading upwards for I know that it is the key on being successful on this mission. Rushing and hurrying, I pedalled. And tralahhh! I did it! The only secret is that I should pedal the bike on a rush so that I could get the balance and the continuous of pushing it. I just did it. I was so proud of myself and so my siblings are. They kept on cheering me up and that really keeps me going. Thanks to them.

Lesson I learned...

                No matter how old, no matter how heavy, no matter of the hindrances I’ve got, still did it. I really didn’t imagine myself that I would get this achievement at this pace of my life. But seriously, what really sinks into me is that never doubt on yourself , never say never, never say you can’t do it without even trying doing it. When no matter how big the hindrances are, how heavy the problem is, if you just see looking for the answers, then you’re closer to your goals. Just face the reality and go through the hindrances, you’ll be shock in the end that you have done it. Just be positive and make yourself proud. And to face fears, start making a pace through it!

                Now, I’m on my second day enjoying the ride. I even widen my quest to farther places and rough roads although still suffering body pains and violet-blue-green portions of my legs being snapped as a bonus. How about you guys? When did you start learning to ride a bike, ride a motorbike or a car? Is the satisfaction the same?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

K to 12: Enhanced Basic Education Program: Are we ready for that?

Improving oneself is improving one nation.

K to 12

                   For some two years ago, an upgrade for the better improvement on the quality education in the Philippines is set. Now, the Department of Education is starting to implement the K to12 Enhanced Basic Education Program. This program covers from kindergarten to 12 years of basic education subdivided into 6 years primary education, 4 years junior high school and 2 years senior high school. 

                   With some reasons, not all woman, parents and moms agreed on these additional years for they see this as additional expenses, effort and time. But lets see on what really is the purpose for having a better quality education: the competitiveness and meeting the international quality education standards. These will improve rankings of our nation as in terms of quality education. The fact is we are the only in Asia still having a ten-year basic education.

                   Now, it's really the time that we improve and be competitive as in terms of our education for the better future of our nation. As they say, we have to face the consequences and problems we meet in order to achieve our goals as to be one of the countries having a quality education. To see a more detailed explanation on K to 12 Program, just click here.

                  As a woman, parents and moms, would you agree on this K to 12 basic education program?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

On the 30th day of May 2012, a history has been made. A chance of proving a nation’s integrity in terms of judgement by the means of implementing a strong constitution and governing by law. And as a mom, I also concluded him guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
20 against 3. That’s the score.  Guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Sen. Ed Angara
Sen. Peter Cayetano
Sen. Pia Cayetano
Sen. Franklin Drilon
Sen. Chiz Escudero
Sen. Jinggoy Estrada
Sen. Teofisto Guingona
Sen. Gregorio Honasan
Sen. Panfilo Lacson
Sen. Manuel Lapid
Sen. Sergio Osmena
SEn. Francis Pangilinan
Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III
Sen. Ralph Recto
Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr.
Sen. Tito Sotto
Sen. Trillanes
Sen. Manny Villar
Senate Pres. Juan Ponce Enrile

Sen. Joker arroyo
Sen. Miriam Santiago
Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

                 These senatorial judges given the chance to explain further their votes. Most of the gentleman and ladies in the side of conviction concluded that the respondent and defendant  Chief Justice Renato Corona proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt  as not declaring an enclosure with all his wealth in the Statement of Assets, Liabilites and Net Worth (SALN), betrayal of public trust, and not applying transparency as a public servant.
                In addition, the FCDU Law doesn’t exempt anybody in declaring his/her wealth in a sworn, oath statement as being a public servant. As long as you own something, whether declared in foreign currency or local currency, a public is entrust to declare. If anyone doesn’t want a transparency of all his wealth, then don’t enter the public office.
In my opinion, being a concern mom, I may say that this issue would be a lesson to learn from all of us especially to public servant. Yes, there are more of them(C.J. Corona), much worse than him. Sad to say, his the example given. What the present is doing, has something from the past, and much is involve in the future.
             As a woman and a mom, how would these affects our daily lives in our own little home?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

MyLot, a lot.

I signed-up for about four months ago yet not working on it. If only I knew how is to be with mylot

I could share things I wanted to discuss, upload photos, comments on discussions, play games, doing a research and mostly I liked about it is I get responses from people whom are not really my friends yet very sincere on helping someone resolving an issue. And the bonus? You get paid for everything you do with mylot.

So why not do things on social networking at the same time earn for it? Especially for moms right now whom are very much active on fb yet still not earning. I assure everything in mylot is really fun. I get acquaintances sincere advises from mylotters friends. They've really helped me a lot in mylot

So to start on your own, just click here. And enjoy a happy mylotting :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Comfort Zone

What was good about blogging and owning a personal blog is that I could write anything here. When there are times that I'm down, I wrote it here, times when I'm happy, I wrote it here and times when I learned, I wrote it here.

Yes, this blog is my comfort zone especially when I feel sad like now. I kept on running here and hide. I used to write on black and white but things get changed but not me.

Moments I got down, moments I got weak. The only reason that I feel sad right now is that today's Mother's Day and none of the expected person's to greet me, never say a word ;(.

But I should go on. As Mavis Nong told me that I should not quit because if I do, then they've succeeded. And that there is only one way I am going to FAIL...that's if I QUIT. So, SUCCESS is my only option for me to keep on succeeding.

Mama, I Love You

I would to dedicate this video to all the moms and woman out there, especially to my Mom who has given me such unconditional love, a dedication without hesitation and a superb sacrifice. 

My mom, Florencia Nioda is a volunteer religion teacher. Although, there are a lot of things we don't agree at times, yet I never think of any mom in the world for her to be like. 

Every mom has its uniqueness in love and sacrifice. I, too, have my own. And when the turn of becoming a mom has placed in me, I, then understood the of what is like to be a mom. It was never easy as I thought. I wasn't even ready for that, but she was there. She had thought me everything I know and was even trained me before and then on how to be a mom. As, I remembered her saying to me always: "Wash the clothes and when time comes you have your own family, you'll know how to handle it." 

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Recent Activity:Forum Posting

Yesterday, I opened my yahoo email account and found out an important message from forum posting which I applied for as a part time job. And luckily I was accepted as one of the volunteers. So I wanted to share and invite anyone to post, promote your blogs, post online jobs you know, learn and find online jobs guaranteed and recommended by Filipinos for Filipinos. Basically, its main goal is to be a one-stop all in one source for online jobs for Filipinos.

I used VAcromainer as my username, feel free to comment from my posts and let's see and learn from each other. So, check this out and start to post and promote yourself. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet child of mine....

May 1st is my eldest son's birthday. And I wish him to be a good person, good health and that he may be God-fearing person. 

I remember the tough times we've been through. For nine months, I carried him with me alone. His biological father was not with me along the journey for the reason of miscommunication. It was tough and hard emotionally, physically, socially and financially. But I made it, I went to clinics alone not depending with anyone else. My family suffered too. When I was in pain, I know they were in pain also. But thanks to them, I was definitely strong. They made me stronger when I was weak, made me happier when I was sad, made me feel loved when I didn't found one.

But when the day has come arrive. It was 12:15am, May 1st when I felt something was different with me, I was on my ninth month being pregnant with my first child. But not yet my due. As I went to bed, I pee with pajama which was not normal. Ignoring it, I change my clothes and went to bed again. Minutes later, the peeing happened again with more liquid than earlier. So. I decided to went to my mom's room and told her what happened to me. So, we decided to packed things and preparing to go to the maternity clinic. As my mom says that it was time. At 2:00am, she had convince me to went to sleep again. But I couldn't sleep because the pain was starting to make me uncomfortable. Minutes after minutes, the pain goes deeper and deeper. I didn't know how hours have passed without I even noticed it. 

At 6 in the morning, we decided to go the clinic. So, as the midwife whom to noticed was an American girl with blue eyes, interviewed me. She told me that I should go for a walk so that it would make me easier to give birth. Together with my mom, I went for a short walk which was really tough, hard and painful. So, I asked my mom to go back to the clinic for I cannot take it longer to walk.

We went back to the clinic and placed me to bed. They checked me again and it was 5cm. And the pain goes stronger, I even can't take it longer. They started to prepare everything. Put a plastic cellophane at my back and told me to started pushing. And I started to push without even knowing how to. I pushed a little and then some little until I can't even breath. Miss Jennifer Akins, the midwife whom noticed something is wrong with me, told me to give a major push instead of two little push. So, I pusheddddddd hard. And then pushed hard again. But it still didn't work. They taught me different styles and position. I remember there was I sit. But those position still didn't work, so I went back to the original position laying my back into bed. 

But the pushing still didn't work, and the time passed. The baby inside me is getting into danger. But not until it was when they took a mirror reflecting mine. And I saw the baby's head, I panicked thinking how would my son breath? So maybe with the help of my adrenaline, I pushed the hardest I could ever done. I couldn't even realize how I breath. 

And thank God, the baby's safe and alive. I gave birth at 10:33am May 1st 2005.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today my life begins...

Just would like to share this song From Bruno Mars. I, first time heard this just this February and I fell in love about it.

Today, I all I just wanted was to be happy but sad so say and reality says its quite hard. I don't know why there are a lot of reasons hinders this happiness I've been reaching since the day I broke into pieces.

Is it really that bad to be happy? Because if its not, then why I wouldn't be? Just so tired, I've been a lot of trials, heartaches, and I couldn't even measure my tears.

Yes, 'we only have one life to live and we should make the best of it' and I'm trying hard to be like that.
Just badly needed your prayers. Oh Lord, just please do help me.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Somewhat a life of trials....Part II

As I pushed myself to the group, I observed a 4 big men and 4 big women. But two men are so much outstanding with the tone of their voices.

Big Men 1: Did you know that your son has a child already? (Speaking with so much deep, loud voice)
Big Men 2: We are the uncles of the girl whom your son has done such big mistake.

My mom was so shocked hearing it for the first time. I was just listening beside my mom. My mom, with humbleness asked them to humbly soften their voice because of her suffering with heart health issues. I second the motion. But to my surprise, they still didn't follow what we asked them and they burst their immature actions. I know and understand what they're coming from but that doesn't mean of forgetting your values being a civilize citizen, right?

As I continue to observe, the women was just quite maybe observing the kind of home we had. Lately, our home is being under construction, books are everywhere, shoes without partners are scattered like rats, curtains were not put into right places and the floor was still soil, a very not accommodating home we had. But was that a judgement of our soul? I don't think so.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Somewhat a life of trials....

Why does sometimes the world is just too unfair to see? There are people who seem to be thinking of other people to play with their hands. Haven't they realize that we all came in the same image and likeness?

Yesterday was such  bad and so much full of fear day.

I was at the kitchen when I heard voices with commotions. I was thinking that the trouble my mom is to be settled. But i was wrong. As I was continuing my daily morning routine, I heard of a not really good conversation between the unwanted, uninvited and unexpected visitors whom at the first was really approaching with arrogance at our HOME. So, I was hurrying myself, and pushed myself to the group.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ponds's Flawless White

Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Daily Cream

At the age of 28, I am seeing a multiple lines between my foreheads and around my eyes. I was totally worried about it and I can't even take it. That's really part of life and to add with stress and sunlight, lines are really visible.

I sell beauty products as of now and I am really planning to try this when I get the chance. I really don't want to look older at my age for there was no reason to, right?

This cream is enriched with new VAO-B3 Complex and multiple UV sunscreens. This moisturizing day creams knows where the skin needs extra help. The usage should be every morning after cleansing the face and is said that for best results, put it also on night.

How I really wish this would help me a lot. Well, any suggestions on how to loose visible lines?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Home-based income jobs for moms

I have recently connected with a business fit for moms. A direct selling of products including home care, beauty products, baby care products, bags, colognes and body sprays etc.


Our new office is located for direct selling at J. Camus St. Cor. J. Palma Gil St., Davao City, near People's Park. I am personally inviting everyone for free one-time membership for:

  • Avon
  • Careline
  • Ever Bilena
  • Personal Collection
  • Splash
  • Vaniderm
We are offering a 10%-50% discount on all items for dealers. To anyone who wants to earn from home with no limit of hours, this part time job is really perfect for you especially for moms who wanted to earn extra income.

And we are currently working on lending with 0% interest rate.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How a white spot on an eye be removed?

Last February 27, I had a check up for my eyes on an ophthalmologist at the Southern Philippines Medical Center.
But before that, on a Friday morning, I was preparing myself for work.Then, I noticed that on my left eye, on the dark portion was this white spot aside from being itchy and sore. So, I decided to have an eye check-up on Monday for I can't imagine myself loosing my sight forever.
So, being at the hospital at 7 in the morning. I patiently waited for hours just to assure myself. When finally, the nurse call me. The doctor started to ask me questions.
Doctor: What's the problem? 
Me: Doc, I had observed that my left eye has this white little spot on the dark portion.
So, she immediately instructed me to put position my face at this specific eye-exam equipment. A tonometer which used to measure the pressure of the eye. A very bright light was focused on an eye that makes my eyes teary. Then suddenly, she putted some yellow liquid drops(which I didn't get what was it), examined it again. 
She told me to get relaxed and told me that a portion should be scraped from that infected area and be examined at the laboratory. 
All I just told her was ok, but deep inside me, I was afraid. Imagine an eye be scraped? Whew!
The nurse, put some anesthesia drops on my left eye saying that its just ok. Minutes after, the doctor prepared this kind of blade which looks like to me a tiny knife. She started scraping the my eye. But I can still feel the sharpness of it and tears started to fall.
After minutes of scraping and scraping, finally it's done. Then, she told me to bring it the Laboratory/Microbiology Section. So, I immediately followed her instructions, paying it's fees first. The assigned nurse told me to be back after a day for the results. I went home praying and hoping that it'll be just ok.

One Day After:
I was on the hospital at 6am for I was planning that if I got finished earlier, I would've attend work. So, I patiently wait again for hours.

At 7:30am, I already got the result. It says: No Organism Found for the GRAM STAIN and No Fungal Elements Found for the KOH. As I understand about it, it felt relief. But not yet, I should hear first the doctor's say.

Hours passed and finally the time of revelation begin. I had the face to face with her again. As she was reading the result, she said that everything was ok. It's not a cataract yet should be removed. She prescripted me an anti-bacterial for for my eyes. She gave me Ofloxacin eyedrops, 4 times a day. I'll be using it for a week, but if it still there, a week of extension. And if in case it doesn't get lost after full 2 weeks of putting it, I should come back to her.
Now, it's been a week and it seems like it's still there. A week more, and the decision would be done.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Davao: Life Is Here

Davao City
My Partner and My Son  at Davao City Hall

I lived with him(Davao City) my whole life. I may travel in any places in the world but I can see myself laying in bed here. A mom's heart, a Davaoeno's  heart belongs.

My Partner and My Son at San Pedro Cathedral

What does Davao City mean to me? I won't be who I am without recognizing where I came from. He is my home, a part of my life I cannot even deny. I can reminisce my childhood memories running in the fields of long green grass playing with my friends. I can see my dreams fulfilled and witnessed by him. I can see my soul rest in peace laying on green grounds of him.

I was amazed that aside from the fact that people I met from different places and has not been with him, still they plan to see and visit him. When I was far away from him, people I don't know and some friends say that Davao's is one of the well known cities with its positive and negative publications. They even astonished with the city's lawful Vice-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The fact that the mayor's way of implementing laws just to maintain the peace and order this city should have.

But there may moments of struggles, pains, and sadness I shared with him. He witnessed  the bad and dark sides of my life. There was even moments I want to leave him, I want to escape from his embrace, for the pains he reminds me.
And I did. I've been to places like Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Cavite and even Bohol. Yes a lot of beautiful attractions, high tech educational facilities, yet he's not being far behind them. I can see he's struggles to reinvent his face. The widening of his roads, the competitions between shopping malls, the beautiful airport he has, the tallest buildings and the people.

He had struggled just to let me stay with him. And I'm glad he had found me. I deeply convinced my partner to let us stay with him forever. And the convincing issue still continues. But I won't give up, I won't give him up.

When they asked me, what is something with Davao? The well known durian and suha, the dried fish and squid, the famous bananas, the beautiful beaches and the popular eagle are not my answers. It is his peaceful mind I loved. The touch of his wind, the caress of his ambiance and the loyalty I have.

I just love Davao City. And I still wish for him to witnessed my children's lives and guide them together as they grow. How about you? Are you proud of being a Davaoeno?
Davao life is here
Submitted as an entry to the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Blog Competition

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How do you find if your son is gay?

Me and Ares
At the age of six, I could definitely identify that my son Ares is different.

When he was just inside me, there was a moment that I asked myself what if he's a boy and someday it turns out to be he's gay or in other way around? But I didn't entertain that idea for the reason that it wouldn't be a good thing to happen having a family of conservative type.

Extra Finger
I was really happy when I gave birth on May 1, 2005. Its a boy! Lighter complexion, red lips, black hair, exactly of what I asked God for him to be. But amazingly he has this extra finger. And as he grows to be a child, he didn't quite realize that he has that. It's a normal thing  and is really a part of him.

But what really bothers me, not the extra finger, but the way he acts. It turns out to be he's gay. I may not conclude it yet but at his age, I know that he already knew what's the difference between a boy and a girl, what are the different characteristics between them.

He loves to play houses, plays cooking, dolls and plays with girls. He loves fashion walking. He acts and talk like a girl.

But I'm glad that this issue is not anymore a hot topic in our family. We often talk and laugh about it. I just say that whatever happens, whatever he chooses to be, I still accepts him and especially love him. What else would a mom do, right?

So? What do you think? Should I still not conclude?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A mom's birthday prayer

Above all, I would definitely thank God, our Almighty Father, for giving me what I needed, for the trials He gave, for the blessings He shared and for the people He let me met.

Thank you for the the inspiration I am receiving,thank you for the sadness, for the pains and for the bad moments I had. For in them I become stronger.

Although I had a lot of things to ask for, but that's just a bonus. What matters most is I'm getting a lot of blessings.

Thank you Miel for the love and understanding you are giving me. Thank you to my children for in them I see happiness beyond sadness. Thank you for my friends, that they are really always there to hear me. And thank you to my family for the unconditional love.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A mom's inspiration to success

Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.
Don't wish for less problems, instead wish for more skills.
Don't wish for less challenges, instead wish for more wisdom.
~Jim Rohn

A year before, I was a plain housewife, wishing for something fantasy to come. A quick rich to fulfill my dreams. 

But reality sinks and even worst. I was tested by a lot of trials. And what I realize was I was misleading to my goals to achieve my dreams. 

My Dream Board

To keep me going, a lot of self-persistence, inspirations and motivations for me to hold. For what I really realize was I was not getting any younger yet I still am not doing paces to achieve my dreams.

What is really a mom's dreams?
  • My children to be professional someday - if you ask a Filipino mom of what is their dream, they would probably tell you that attaining your children to finish a degree course is the greatest achievement ever a mom would achieve
  • Financially independent - who would really want a life without financial stability right?
  • Dream things - as you can see on my dream board.
My mentor says, to get an inspiration, put inspirations near you. A picture of them probably would help a lot.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Distance Relationships

Who says long distance relationships are easy to handle? I bet no one says.

I met people with the same struggles of mine for awhile. We shared thoughts and feelings we are coping up to. And sad to say we are in pain. Yes, we are.

But how we are coping up with it?

  • Me, personally, I converted my pains into something I enjoyed, making my diary. This blog your reading is my personal diary. I tend to share what's inside me and what's great with it is that I am defusing negative energy into something profitable in a way.
  • Finding something that really interest you like maybe hanging with friends, or even sharing thoughts on a social networking sites, or playing sports. What important is release negative aura from inside but into something results in good.
Because I've been into pain and what I did was rebelled so that they would give me the attention I looked for. But what's the result? Still negative. 

So what I strongly advise is to keep on holding tight, keep your faith, pray always and never lost hope. And the best thing, accept everything.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to overcome post-partum?

Baby Estian

I had a conversation with a friend and a mom also from high school, Nina Sky last Friday. Along with our chat, she asked me what is postpartum because a local famous artist is believed to be suffering from it.

As far as I remembered and understood about it, I told her that postpartum is a stage where a newly mommy, after childbirth, is suffering from an unexplained depression, insecurities or even jealousy from her newly born child. But I must say that it'll only last fro months as I've experienced it.

Yes, I did experienced and suffered from it. The first month was I always feel pity with myself. It feels like I'm all alone and on my own maybe because my partner's working and didn't have all the time to help me and gave me the attention I always wanted.

The days go on and was even worst when I just feel hate with my own son. When he cries, I didn't attend to him immediately. I even scolded him at one time.

Estian and Mom
Then along, I asked and reflect myself of what was going on with me. Why does I am reacting the way that I shouldn't be. A weird feeling that I couldn't understand at all. Both me and my partner really didn't understand that I was going on with postpartum depression.

I shared this personal experience of mine not to put a negative side of myself but rather would like to extend to both couple's attention that they must understand that there is this stage that moms who recently gave birth suffers from it.

my kids
Although I've overcome with it, after months of suffering, by the little help of my partner. The little time he focused on us made me help go through it. But I suggest that maybe when your partner helped you a lot by attending with your baby, helping you the responsibilities of taking good care of the baby even just helping to change diapers at night, checking you regularly in any way he can, it would've be a great help to overcome with it in no time.
Pampers Diaper

Comfort Foods Cookbook

Ooppss....Eating a lot of delicious and nutritious foods could also help a lot better especially to breastfeeding moms.

To see a well explanation of Postpartum Depression, click here.
Team Building Games

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Other Mom's Says?

Top Mommy Blogs

I was introduced in this site from my blog coach since  my niche was for moms. When I visited the site, I was amaze, for a lot of moms in different countries share their own stories about being a mom.

There are humor stories, spiritually concerned stories, touching lives stories, craft and arts stories and a lot more. So I highly recommend you visit the site and find beautiful stories like your moms.

Some of the sites or blogs I followed and read:
  • "EB"ing a Mommy - this blog is all about her son Tripp having a rare kind of skin disease. I'm asking you to pray for him and his family. This blog is worth share-able.

  • Five of my Own - this blog is all about having her three kids and two adopted kids yet as she says "her own". This belongs to adoption category blog.

Feel free to visit the site and follow them. You will learn a lot from it for I had too.