Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Distance Relationships

Who says long distance relationships are easy to handle? I bet no one says.

I met people with the same struggles of mine for awhile. We shared thoughts and feelings we are coping up to. And sad to say we are in pain. Yes, we are.

But how we are coping up with it?

  • Me, personally, I converted my pains into something I enjoyed, making my diary. This blog your reading is my personal diary. I tend to share what's inside me and what's great with it is that I am defusing negative energy into something profitable in a way.
  • Finding something that really interest you like maybe hanging with friends, or even sharing thoughts on a social networking sites, or playing sports. What important is release negative aura from inside but into something results in good.
Because I've been into pain and what I did was rebelled so that they would give me the attention I looked for. But what's the result? Still negative. 

So what I strongly advise is to keep on holding tight, keep your faith, pray always and never lost hope. And the best thing, accept everything.

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