Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to overcome post-partum?

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I had a conversation with a friend and a mom also from high school, Nina Sky last Friday. Along with our chat, she asked me what is postpartum because a local famous artist is believed to be suffering from it.

As far as I remembered and understood about it, I told her that postpartum is a stage where a newly mommy, after childbirth, is suffering from an unexplained depression, insecurities or even jealousy from her newly born child. But I must say that it'll only last fro months as I've experienced it.

Yes, I did experienced and suffered from it. The first month was I always feel pity with myself. It feels like I'm all alone and on my own maybe because my partner's working and didn't have all the time to help me and gave me the attention I always wanted.

The days go on and was even worst when I just feel hate with my own son. When he cries, I didn't attend to him immediately. I even scolded him at one time.

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Then along, I asked and reflect myself of what was going on with me. Why does I am reacting the way that I shouldn't be. A weird feeling that I couldn't understand at all. Both me and my partner really didn't understand that I was going on with postpartum depression.

I shared this personal experience of mine not to put a negative side of myself but rather would like to extend to both couple's attention that they must understand that there is this stage that moms who recently gave birth suffers from it.

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Although I've overcome with it, after months of suffering, by the little help of my partner. The little time he focused on us made me help go through it. But I suggest that maybe when your partner helped you a lot by attending with your baby, helping you the responsibilities of taking good care of the baby even just helping to change diapers at night, checking you regularly in any way he can, it would've be a great help to overcome with it in no time.
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Ooppss....Eating a lot of delicious and nutritious foods could also help a lot better especially to breastfeeding moms.

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