Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Other Mom's Says?

Top Mommy Blogs

I was introduced in this site from my blog coach since  my niche was for moms. When I visited the site, I was amaze, for a lot of moms in different countries share their own stories about being a mom.

There are humor stories, spiritually concerned stories, touching lives stories, craft and arts stories and a lot more. So I highly recommend you visit the site and find beautiful stories like your moms.

Some of the sites or blogs I followed and read:
  • "EB"ing a Mommy - this blog is all about her son Tripp having a rare kind of skin disease. I'm asking you to pray for him and his family. This blog is worth share-able.

  • Five of my Own - this blog is all about having her three kids and two adopted kids yet as she says "her own". This belongs to adoption category blog.

Feel free to visit the site and follow them. You will learn a lot from it for I had too.