Saturday, February 25, 2012

How do you find if your son is gay?

Me and Ares
At the age of six, I could definitely identify that my son Ares is different.

When he was just inside me, there was a moment that I asked myself what if he's a boy and someday it turns out to be he's gay or in other way around? But I didn't entertain that idea for the reason that it wouldn't be a good thing to happen having a family of conservative type.

Extra Finger
I was really happy when I gave birth on May 1, 2005. Its a boy! Lighter complexion, red lips, black hair, exactly of what I asked God for him to be. But amazingly he has this extra finger. And as he grows to be a child, he didn't quite realize that he has that. It's a normal thing  and is really a part of him.

But what really bothers me, not the extra finger, but the way he acts. It turns out to be he's gay. I may not conclude it yet but at his age, I know that he already knew what's the difference between a boy and a girl, what are the different characteristics between them.

He loves to play houses, plays cooking, dolls and plays with girls. He loves fashion walking. He acts and talk like a girl.

But I'm glad that this issue is not anymore a hot topic in our family. We often talk and laugh about it. I just say that whatever happens, whatever he chooses to be, I still accepts him and especially love him. What else would a mom do, right?

So? What do you think? Should I still not conclude?