Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'm back

Yes, I'm back and I would like to apologize for the long absence I made. I took a serious vacation from writing this blog and concentrate on my family whom I personally took good care for a serious illness.

Now, let's get into business again. I would like to share some issues focusing on health as my members of the family got into serious illness they have suffer. I, together with my family, would like to share information and our personal experience while we were through this struggle of our life.

On my next post, I'll explain and expand the illness we were fighting for two years and two months and the aftereffects of the medicines taken for years.

See you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Have you heard about Pap Smear?

I heard about it but never see Pap Smear as a very serious & necessary routine for any mom & woman today. I just thought it was just part of a campaign made by health workers but never see its significance at all. 

Last August 16, my college friends and I had a reunion after such 8 years of not seeing each other although we usually talk on social networking sites. The usual laughter and teasing which are our bonding activities during the old day plus the 'karaoke' add on had complete our routine of enjoyment. But as we go along our relish, a topic was opened by Vanessa GriƱo whom is a medical representative; 'Have you had a pap smear ever?' Ooopps... I hadn't had one but although I heard about it.

Among the seven girls and a guy in the group, three of us are moms already and none of us had any Pap Smear since, of course aside from Vanessa. The thought of getting a pap smear or a pap test sank into e as days go on.  So one day, I pushed myself to get a researched done about the interest and value of it. I went to the city library of Davao located at the 3rd floor of the Sangguniang Panglungsod or the City Hall. 
I started to look and found out the best book talking about the Pap Smear or the Pap Test. And luckily, I could share it here without concerning of  practicing plagiarism. Hope these would also help other moms and woman out there to have a good comprehension about Pap Smear. 

What is a Pap Test?
 A pap test is the removal and microscopic examination of the outer layer of cells lining the cervic. Named after its inventor, Dr. George Papanicolaou, it is based on the principle that if the cells are normal, the result is negative. if abnormal cells are found, the the result is positive and the woman is asked to a repeat test to confirm findings. These cells are shed continuously and are contained in vaginal secretions. Samples are taken from the cervical canal during internal examination and sent to the laboratory for analysis with a microscope. 
-Surgery on File, Obstetrics and Gynecology by The Diagram Group
Paulette Pratt and Ellen Sarewits
Facts on File Publications
July 1, 1988

To be Continue.