Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beware and Be Aware: Primary Complex Are Everywhere

Strolling around somewhere were fun is satisfied, that’s where most people go. Without being aware of the chances of getting virus around in which our naked eyes cannot see. We bring our children to places where others are also enjoying the same thing we wanted ourselves to relish at the same time. Virus that cause primary complex to our children are everywhere.

Malls, markets and groceries, churches and other places where most people go are much exposed to exchange bacteria and viruses from one person to another without giving them any harm at all.
We are aware of that but most don’t beware themselves with it. They might take it for granted for the reason of paranoia. But when viruses and other bacteria had gotten their bodies, that’s when they are conscious with the situation.

This year, my youngest daughter, 1 and a half year-old, had been attacked by the virus since March. For the previous year, she had cough and runny nose almost every month. The doctor had suspected a primary complex for the reason that she had an exposure with her father. The test is given: PPD and x-ray. Everything turned into positive.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Day of Struggle with Meds

Today is my daughter’s last day of struggling to take her meds every day. She was diagnosed having primary complex last March 2016. She had suffered cough and colds constantly every month and that is why the doctor had suggested to take her the test for Primary Complex.

After several days of taking the three meds and down into two for the continuing phase. The 168 days, total number of days for the medication she should accomplished without missing a single day.

Now that she has finished the race, I’m not going to be worried every morning when I wake up on how to do the magic just to help her take those meds. It was really a struggle especially on the first month. My daughter is one of those children that are really afraid to take meds. I have tried a lot of acts just to help her ease with the burden. Yes, at her age, she knows that those meds are not so tasty to take.