Friday, August 26, 2016

Support MDRTB Patients Completely

The experience we had been through with MDRTB has thought us a lot of lesson. The patience, family bonding and support and disseminating guides and information to others who are aware of the disease but are not conscious about it. Those lesson have not only helped us but the community also around us.

When you have the disease, it is reported to your nearest health center, recorded also in the city health for follow-up matters and identification for each patient.

The entire medication program in the San Lazaro Hospital is entirely free. I remember, one of the nurses said that the budget for a single medication can cost about P1,000 a day per patient. And the entire medication plus the laboratory fees, can cost up to P3 million pesos per patient. The only reminder they insisted to us is to never missed a day of taking those meds because it means that the patient is taking for granted the budget that is allotted to him/her.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Previously, I had written a post about MDRTB. It is one of the serious diseases in the country that are taken for granted by normal people. Taken for granted because they are not aware of how it spreads and that they don't bother caring on how to prevent it.

The purpose of this post is to spread a kind of experience we had and aware them that this is not just a matter of article-related topic but a true experience we had for the past years.

Let us not be ignorant or blinded by the things that is happening around our society. Instead, let us be defensive together with our love ones by informing them with these reality in our life today.