Saturday, January 21, 2012

Primary Complex: Disease Our Children Fights

The reason behind all of my struggles to find home jobs instead of a regular job is that of my son's health concern. That's why I have to be a full-time and hands-on mom for him.

Late March 2011, my youngest son suffered from a repeated fever, cough and colds. So I decided to have a check up after a week(which was not right and having 2-3days of fever should see a doctor immediately). After physical check-up and lab test results, the doctor diagnosed bronco. With medications given like anti-bacterial and meds given for a week, and under observation but not yet admitted in the hospital. So, after a  week, nothing has changed and for a month, my son had taken three kinds of antibacterials, more dosage, much expensive.

So, we as parents, panicked and so much afraid asking what was really going on with him. He's getting thinner and loosing much more of his appetite. He doesn't play anymore and all he just do is lie on his bed. We consulted different pedia just for my son to get well. Imagine, a 2 yr.old boy suffering from an unknown disease.

The x-ray results states that he has water in lungs or in medical terms as pleural effusion. His pedia, Ma. Theresa A. Cruz,M.D. Pediatrician,DPPS recommends us to consult a pulmonary pedia whom is expert for of children's lungs. So, we decided to consult the experts in Philippine Children's Medical Center, located at Quezon Ave.,Quezon City. And finally, thanks to Dr. Carren-Anne P. Batalla,M.D. Pediatrics for the final conclusion( although with the help also of a lot of experts), my son having PCAP or Primary Koch's Infection simply known as Primary Complex/TB for children. Medications for 6 months was given and follow-up checks ups to be done for the next months.

As of now, my son has finished the race(6 months medication) and the last x-ray result was cleared. Yet the pedia says there is still a chance that the virus may attack if my son's infected again. I'll just have to take good extra care of my son.

Prevention for Primary Complex:

In much of the world, the only method available to prevent tuberculosis in children is administration of a bacille Calmett-GuĂ©rin (BCG) vaccine. The BCG vaccines have never been used in the United States and, currently, only one type is available that is difficult to administer and of dubious efficacy. When considering the total body of literature of BCG vaccination of children, the general conclusion is that the BCG vaccines prevent 60 to 90% of serious tuberculosis cases in children.[107,108] Clearly, the BCG vaccines are better than no method of prevention, but they are not capable of completely preventing tuberculosis disease in a population of children. BCG vaccination has worked better in some situations than others. In the United States, the presence of HIV infection in the child is an absolute contraindication to giving BCG vaccine; internationally, the presence of asymptomatic HIV infection is not considered a contraindication to BCG vaccination.

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