Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dysmenorrhea:Pains We Suffer

I was having chat with my sister last night, I shared her about the good news I've had for the past days about my blogging course lessons and how my teacher interacts and corresponds with me positively. She was also happy about it yet quite not visible with her aura. What's wrong about her?

She was suffering a pain below her stomach. Oh, I see! Dysmenorrhea attacks! So she ask me how to cope up with the pain. Brilliant! I have to discuss about it in my blog and thanks to my sisiter.

Anyways, way back before when I was in grade school, since then I also suffer dysmenorrhea not until when I got pregnant. When I was in high school, I was a regular visitor in the clinic every month for heavy pains attacks. I almost got fainted despite my preparations when periods arrive. When times comes I felt cold inside me, yet the air breeze are warm, when my hands are almost bloodless, I knew then that I have to go to the clinic to take some rest and a warm compress which was helpful at that time.

Now, I don't even suffer that much at all. But I wonder what was really the cause of it? Is it really true that when you get pregnant, it will eventually fade away? Albeit, it really stops since I got pregnant.

So to answer our questions, here's a link Dysmenorrhea:Wikipedia