Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moms:The Busiest Person

When i go to bed late at night, I still don't go to sleep fast for the reason of millions that I had in my mind. It's 11:40pm and still awake. I was thinking what's gonna happen with me a year after, or just in a month's time? What are my to-do-tasks in the office? What are the things I have to do for tomorrow? What does my son feels when I am not beside him? After a day of doing household chores, I still think what's the next thing to do.

Can you imagine? Still planning and thinking when in fact its the time for us to get relax and feel the comfort of our beds. But that's just moms, we still don't rest when in fact we are in rest. That's what really moms are, superwoman.

Here's a poem taken from an unknown author.

You're on a luxury vacation 
At the finest accomodation 
With the highest recommendation 
Getting utmost consideration 
Enjoying sparkling conversation,