Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Ways To Pamper Myself

Mother's unconditional love to her family is never to be compared to any kind of love in this world. The first to wake up in the morning and yet the last to go to bed at night. She checks everything to be fine. She thinks of her family needs without even realizing what's for her.

Being a mom, if we take good care of our family, it is also our responsibility that we should also take better care for ourselves. It's not being selfish if we should also pamper ourselves and put things behind our back for the meantime.

So, I suggest things I planned to do when I decided to take a 'rest day'.

1. Look in the mirror - When is the last time I had a hairstyle? When was it last hair dyed? When I decided to color my hair and got it perfect as I wanted to be; brown and bob cut, it boosted my self-confidence and self- esteem. Have a bonus of manicure and pedicure also.

2. Try to go shopping - Of course, as a mom, we used to hold budgets so we know how we can spend for a particular stuff. Just buy a new underwear even those cheap ones. i know from experience, it also made me feel better.
me and my friends

3. Go out with friends - I know its not selfish for us to sometimes enjoy, relaxed and go chat with our friends. Why not go to a place where good food and best music are serve. Let's just also try to hear other voices aside from listening to our children's utters, our husband's demand or our neighbor's chats.

So, these are my ways to pamper myself. Albeit, I'm just going to do this one thing at a time. :)