Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me, My Other Half and Her

             This is a very personal experience. Although it’s quite hard for me to share but I just want everybody to see and learn how has just a woman react when an invader comes between your other half and you. I don’t intentionally disgrace or blame any person that might be in this kind of situation.
                   Last year was such a trial year for me and my family. On the mid of March, my youngest son got sick and was diagnosed having pneumonia and primary complex. It was so hard for us cause it took a month and a lot of money for us to know what exactly was the illness of my son. Anyway, that’s a different story.
                  It was June when I observed that something is happening with my other half. But I just ignore it or rather ‘justified’ it. My other half found out that he has a case(let’s just leave it as the case) filed against him aside from the fact that we’re into my son’s medication problem. So as days past, I realize that ‘something’ is happening with him. He’s changing a lot, he used to kiss me goodbye, but lately he almost forgets about it. He don’t used to get a bath everyday even when there’s a plan to go mingle with friends, but he does it almost everyday. He’s a home buddy but not anymore, he mingles with friends every night and when he’s at home we barely talk for he’s more focused on his cellphone. But it was justified by my so called ‘understanding’. But not until when I called him and it was someone who answered saying “Don’t bother calling him anymore. hahaha”. Beeps. What? I was so shocked and haven’t spoke out any word at all. So I called him again and just picked up the phone after an hour of dialling. So it was a fight. Until he got home and only a word sank into my mind;’ find an evidence’. So the next days I became a spy looking for evidences to prove ‘something’. And gotcha! The girl who annoyed and put words against me on facebook and the girl behind my other half’s changing attitude is the same.
                My world has vanished, I was betrayed. I am betrayed. Its feels numb at first but not until its sinks. And the pain goes deeper. I cried a lot, I was hurted a lot. I open the situation with him just through cellphone for I cannot spoke with him personally. Was that the right move? But that was just the right thing I thought to be the best to have conversation with him. He decided to broke up with me not thinking that we have two little boys and that we still live together in the house. Can u imagine the situation? Yes, I still do the household chores, still do my responsibilities as a mother and a wife(although we’re not married). But that was the most rainy days I have. Until the day came for me and my children to go home.
                Now, everything is turning into right places. He flew from Manila to here. And what was that? What will I do? What should I do?Sometimes, there are decisions we're not sure if it was the right thing to do. I'll just hope that the Lord God will guide me and my family for whatever my decisions would be.

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