Sunday, February 26, 2012

Davao: Life Is Here

Davao City
My Partner and My Son  at Davao City Hall

I lived with him(Davao City) my whole life. I may travel in any places in the world but I can see myself laying in bed here. A mom's heart, a Davaoeno's  heart belongs.

My Partner and My Son at San Pedro Cathedral

What does Davao City mean to me? I won't be who I am without recognizing where I came from. He is my home, a part of my life I cannot even deny. I can reminisce my childhood memories running in the fields of long green grass playing with my friends. I can see my dreams fulfilled and witnessed by him. I can see my soul rest in peace laying on green grounds of him.

I was amazed that aside from the fact that people I met from different places and has not been with him, still they plan to see and visit him. When I was far away from him, people I don't know and some friends say that Davao's is one of the well known cities with its positive and negative publications. They even astonished with the city's lawful Vice-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The fact that the mayor's way of implementing laws just to maintain the peace and order this city should have.

But there may moments of struggles, pains, and sadness I shared with him. He witnessed  the bad and dark sides of my life. There was even moments I want to leave him, I want to escape from his embrace, for the pains he reminds me.
And I did. I've been to places like Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Cavite and even Bohol. Yes a lot of beautiful attractions, high tech educational facilities, yet he's not being far behind them. I can see he's struggles to reinvent his face. The widening of his roads, the competitions between shopping malls, the beautiful airport he has, the tallest buildings and the people.

He had struggled just to let me stay with him. And I'm glad he had found me. I deeply convinced my partner to let us stay with him forever. And the convincing issue still continues. But I won't give up, I won't give him up.

When they asked me, what is something with Davao? The well known durian and suha, the dried fish and squid, the famous bananas, the beautiful beaches and the popular eagle are not my answers. It is his peaceful mind I loved. The touch of his wind, the caress of his ambiance and the loyalty I have.

I just love Davao City. And I still wish for him to witnessed my children's lives and guide them together as they grow. How about you? Are you proud of being a Davaoeno?
Davao life is here
Submitted as an entry to the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Blog Competition

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How do you find if your son is gay?

Me and Ares
At the age of six, I could definitely identify that my son Ares is different.

When he was just inside me, there was a moment that I asked myself what if he's a boy and someday it turns out to be he's gay or in other way around? But I didn't entertain that idea for the reason that it wouldn't be a good thing to happen having a family of conservative type.

Extra Finger
I was really happy when I gave birth on May 1, 2005. Its a boy! Lighter complexion, red lips, black hair, exactly of what I asked God for him to be. But amazingly he has this extra finger. And as he grows to be a child, he didn't quite realize that he has that. It's a normal thing  and is really a part of him.

But what really bothers me, not the extra finger, but the way he acts. It turns out to be he's gay. I may not conclude it yet but at his age, I know that he already knew what's the difference between a boy and a girl, what are the different characteristics between them.

He loves to play houses, plays cooking, dolls and plays with girls. He loves fashion walking. He acts and talk like a girl.

But I'm glad that this issue is not anymore a hot topic in our family. We often talk and laugh about it. I just say that whatever happens, whatever he chooses to be, I still accepts him and especially love him. What else would a mom do, right?

So? What do you think? Should I still not conclude?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A mom's birthday prayer

Above all, I would definitely thank God, our Almighty Father, for giving me what I needed, for the trials He gave, for the blessings He shared and for the people He let me met.

Thank you for the the inspiration I am receiving,thank you for the sadness, for the pains and for the bad moments I had. For in them I become stronger.

Although I had a lot of things to ask for, but that's just a bonus. What matters most is I'm getting a lot of blessings.

Thank you Miel for the love and understanding you are giving me. Thank you to my children for in them I see happiness beyond sadness. Thank you for my friends, that they are really always there to hear me. And thank you to my family for the unconditional love.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A mom's inspiration to success

Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.
Don't wish for less problems, instead wish for more skills.
Don't wish for less challenges, instead wish for more wisdom.
~Jim Rohn

A year before, I was a plain housewife, wishing for something fantasy to come. A quick rich to fulfill my dreams. 

But reality sinks and even worst. I was tested by a lot of trials. And what I realize was I was misleading to my goals to achieve my dreams. 

My Dream Board

To keep me going, a lot of self-persistence, inspirations and motivations for me to hold. For what I really realize was I was not getting any younger yet I still am not doing paces to achieve my dreams.

What is really a mom's dreams?
  • My children to be professional someday - if you ask a Filipino mom of what is their dream, they would probably tell you that attaining your children to finish a degree course is the greatest achievement ever a mom would achieve
  • Financially independent - who would really want a life without financial stability right?
  • Dream things - as you can see on my dream board.
My mentor says, to get an inspiration, put inspirations near you. A picture of them probably would help a lot.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Long Distance Relationships

Who says long distance relationships are easy to handle? I bet no one says.

I met people with the same struggles of mine for awhile. We shared thoughts and feelings we are coping up to. And sad to say we are in pain. Yes, we are.

But how we are coping up with it?

  • Me, personally, I converted my pains into something I enjoyed, making my diary. This blog your reading is my personal diary. I tend to share what's inside me and what's great with it is that I am defusing negative energy into something profitable in a way.
  • Finding something that really interest you like maybe hanging with friends, or even sharing thoughts on a social networking sites, or playing sports. What important is release negative aura from inside but into something results in good.
Because I've been into pain and what I did was rebelled so that they would give me the attention I looked for. But what's the result? Still negative. 

So what I strongly advise is to keep on holding tight, keep your faith, pray always and never lost hope. And the best thing, accept everything.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to overcome post-partum?

Baby Estian

I had a conversation with a friend and a mom also from high school, Nina Sky last Friday. Along with our chat, she asked me what is postpartum because a local famous artist is believed to be suffering from it.

As far as I remembered and understood about it, I told her that postpartum is a stage where a newly mommy, after childbirth, is suffering from an unexplained depression, insecurities or even jealousy from her newly born child. But I must say that it'll only last fro months as I've experienced it.

Yes, I did experienced and suffered from it. The first month was I always feel pity with myself. It feels like I'm all alone and on my own maybe because my partner's working and didn't have all the time to help me and gave me the attention I always wanted.

The days go on and was even worst when I just feel hate with my own son. When he cries, I didn't attend to him immediately. I even scolded him at one time.

Estian and Mom
Then along, I asked and reflect myself of what was going on with me. Why does I am reacting the way that I shouldn't be. A weird feeling that I couldn't understand at all. Both me and my partner really didn't understand that I was going on with postpartum depression.

I shared this personal experience of mine not to put a negative side of myself but rather would like to extend to both couple's attention that they must understand that there is this stage that moms who recently gave birth suffers from it.

my kids
Although I've overcome with it, after months of suffering, by the little help of my partner. The little time he focused on us made me help go through it. But I suggest that maybe when your partner helped you a lot by attending with your baby, helping you the responsibilities of taking good care of the baby even just helping to change diapers at night, checking you regularly in any way he can, it would've be a great help to overcome with it in no time.
Pampers Diaper

Comfort Foods Cookbook

Ooppss....Eating a lot of delicious and nutritious foods could also help a lot better especially to breastfeeding moms.

To see a well explanation of Postpartum Depression, click here.
Team Building Games

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Other Mom's Says?

Top Mommy Blogs

I was introduced in this site from my blog coach since  my niche was for moms. When I visited the site, I was amaze, for a lot of moms in different countries share their own stories about being a mom.

There are humor stories, spiritually concerned stories, touching lives stories, craft and arts stories and a lot more. So I highly recommend you visit the site and find beautiful stories like your moms.

Some of the sites or blogs I followed and read:
  • "EB"ing a Mommy - this blog is all about her son Tripp having a rare kind of skin disease. I'm asking you to pray for him and his family. This blog is worth share-able.

  • Five of my Own - this blog is all about having her three kids and two adopted kids yet as she says "her own". This belongs to adoption category blog.

Feel free to visit the site and follow them. You will learn a lot from it for I had too.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

How To Celebrate Hearts Day Being Alone

In the past four years, I've been celebrating Valentine's Day with my family but this time's different. My common-law hubby's far from me, miles away from me. Albeit the reality of sadness, I'm coping up being alone yet I know I have to think it positively the way I don't have to put down of myself, right?

So, what I'm planning for the occasion are:

  • call my hubby - I mean they should call me.
  • go out with friends - Yes, my bestfriend and I have planned to go out. Go for a cozy place where music is served.

  • checks my blog - Being part of my life as of now.
This things may not be a perfect plan for anyone, but these are the things my Heart's Day would be complete, for the meantime.

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