Sunday, February 26, 2012

Davao: Life Is Here

Davao City
My Partner and My Son  at Davao City Hall

I lived with him(Davao City) my whole life. I may travel in any places in the world but I can see myself laying in bed here. A mom's heart, a Davaoeno's  heart belongs.

My Partner and My Son at San Pedro Cathedral

What does Davao City mean to me? I won't be who I am without recognizing where I came from. He is my home, a part of my life I cannot even deny. I can reminisce my childhood memories running in the fields of long green grass playing with my friends. I can see my dreams fulfilled and witnessed by him. I can see my soul rest in peace laying on green grounds of him.

I was amazed that aside from the fact that people I met from different places and has not been with him, still they plan to see and visit him. When I was far away from him, people I don't know and some friends say that Davao's is one of the well known cities with its positive and negative publications. They even astonished with the city's lawful Vice-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The fact that the mayor's way of implementing laws just to maintain the peace and order this city should have.

But there may moments of struggles, pains, and sadness I shared with him. He witnessed  the bad and dark sides of my life. There was even moments I want to leave him, I want to escape from his embrace, for the pains he reminds me.
And I did. I've been to places like Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Cavite and even Bohol. Yes a lot of beautiful attractions, high tech educational facilities, yet he's not being far behind them. I can see he's struggles to reinvent his face. The widening of his roads, the competitions between shopping malls, the beautiful airport he has, the tallest buildings and the people.

He had struggled just to let me stay with him. And I'm glad he had found me. I deeply convinced my partner to let us stay with him forever. And the convincing issue still continues. But I won't give up, I won't give him up.

When they asked me, what is something with Davao? The well known durian and suha, the dried fish and squid, the famous bananas, the beautiful beaches and the popular eagle are not my answers. It is his peaceful mind I loved. The touch of his wind, the caress of his ambiance and the loyalty I have.

I just love Davao City. And I still wish for him to witnessed my children's lives and guide them together as they grow. How about you? Are you proud of being a Davaoeno?
Davao life is here
Submitted as an entry to the 75th Araw ng Dabaw Blog Competition