Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How a white spot on an eye be removed?

Last February 27, I had a check up for my eyes on an ophthalmologist at the Southern Philippines Medical Center.
But before that, on a Friday morning, I was preparing myself for work.Then, I noticed that on my left eye, on the dark portion was this white spot aside from being itchy and sore. So, I decided to have an eye check-up on Monday for I can't imagine myself loosing my sight forever.
So, being at the hospital at 7 in the morning. I patiently waited for hours just to assure myself. When finally, the nurse call me. The doctor started to ask me questions.
Doctor: What's the problem? 
Me: Doc, I had observed that my left eye has this white little spot on the dark portion.
So, she immediately instructed me to put position my face at this specific eye-exam equipment. A tonometer which used to measure the pressure of the eye. A very bright light was focused on an eye that makes my eyes teary. Then suddenly, she putted some yellow liquid drops(which I didn't get what was it), examined it again. 
She told me to get relaxed and told me that a portion should be scraped from that infected area and be examined at the laboratory. 
All I just told her was ok, but deep inside me, I was afraid. Imagine an eye be scraped? Whew!
The nurse, put some anesthesia drops on my left eye saying that its just ok. Minutes after, the doctor prepared this kind of blade which looks like to me a tiny knife. She started scraping the my eye. But I can still feel the sharpness of it and tears started to fall.
After minutes of scraping and scraping, finally it's done. Then, she told me to bring it the Laboratory/Microbiology Section. So, I immediately followed her instructions, paying it's fees first. The assigned nurse told me to be back after a day for the results. I went home praying and hoping that it'll be just ok.

One Day After:
I was on the hospital at 6am for I was planning that if I got finished earlier, I would've attend work. So, I patiently wait again for hours.

At 7:30am, I already got the result. It says: No Organism Found for the GRAM STAIN and No Fungal Elements Found for the KOH. As I understand about it, it felt relief. But not yet, I should hear first the doctor's say.

Hours passed and finally the time of revelation begin. I had the face to face with her again. As she was reading the result, she said that everything was ok. It's not a cataract yet should be removed. She prescripted me an anti-bacterial for for my eyes. She gave me Ofloxacin eyedrops, 4 times a day. I'll be using it for a week, but if it still there, a week of extension. And if in case it doesn't get lost after full 2 weeks of putting it, I should come back to her.
Now, it's been a week and it seems like it's still there. A week more, and the decision would be done.