Monday, January 30, 2012

How Would They Say When Moms are Jealous?

My partner says to his friends that I am jealous of him. But when they say it to me, I just laughed for I don't even think that I am.

I just text him every time his out, where he is, what he's doing, whom is he with and what time he'll be home. Those are just my questions and was that an act of jealousy already?

But the fact is, when I am out, I tell him everything I used to asked him without even him questioning me. So I thought everything was okey. Suddenly, when I had just arrived at a place where I should be enjoying, he merely is texting and asking me of what I just had answered him earlier. He checks me every minute and then. My focused, three-fourths at him, one-fourth at what just I am doing.

So, who is jealous? Are your hubbies or life-partners like that also? Please share, I also wanted to know and understand your situation. :)

I would like also to share this article about how to deal with jealousy, just visit this site.

Just listen....

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