Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MDRTB: A Resisting Virus to Fight

Have you heard about MDRTB? I know for sure most of you are not really familiar about it like me when we first heard about it. It was really unrecognizable term for us. I even ask myself twice if I heard it right.

Yes, I did. MDRTB stands for Multi-drug Resistant TB. It means that anyone who is diagnosed with it, the virus has evolved and has started to resist Rifampicin and other basic drugs for the disease. It diagnosed when TB has relapse, done with other test like sputum culture and x-ray.

Here in the Philippines, it is very common but is not understood by the community itself. Most people refuse to understand these situation rather they think of it as a scourge or epidemic without even doing some prevention. Why did I say these? Observe some people who coughs roughly without even covering their mouths? Others have even don't bother at all. See?

According to statistics, 13% of cases with previously-treated TB has turned into MDRTB. Why did it come up to that?
Source: DOH-GOV

Here are the reasons why:

  1. TB relapse. The patient had been diagnosed with it for more than once and maybe had completed the entire 6-month program.
  2. Unhealthy living. It could definitely strikes you when you eat unhealthy food and that your immune system had weaken to fight for the viruses.
  3. Exhausted and wakeful. The stress of being exhausted and lacking of sleep can also weaken your immune system.
  4. Drinking alcohol and smoking. Don't take this for granted. we cannot see the virus which is everywhere. 
Since the affected area on your body is your lungs, then you are advice not to take heavy related jobs like carrying or pulling some things. It will definitely bleed your lungs if pushed to. Another is when you exposed yourself to crowded areas where viruses are free.

One of the stricken is Patient X, my partner. I reserved his name and rights for his privacy's sake but is willingly to share our experience on how we fight these disease he had been through for 2 years. It was never easy to fight but with the help of our family, friends and with the guidance of our Lord, we had successfully overcome it.

On my next post I will share on how did we do about it and how did we find free drugs for the medication of MDRTB.