Friday, August 19, 2016

Primary Complex: Last Day of Struggled Medication

Today is my daughter’s last day of struggling to take her meds every day. She was diagnosed having primary complex last March 2016. She had suffered cough and colds constantly every month and that is why the doctor had suggested to take her the test for Primary Complex.

After several days of taking the three meds and down into two for the continuing phase. The 168 days, total number of days for the medication she should accomplished without missing a single day.

Now that she has finished the race, I’m not going to be worried every morning when I wake up on how to do the magic just to help her take those meds. It was really a struggle especially on the first month. My daughter is one of those children that are really afraid to take meds. I have tried a lot of acts just to help her ease with the burden. Yes, at her age, she knows that those meds are not so tasty to take.

So I’ve tried these magic:

·         Put some sugar on the syrups. I’ve tried adding a little bit of sugar just to add sweetness but it was a failure.

  •          Lollipops. I tried giving her lollipop putting her attention away from the meds but it was a failure again.
  •          Meds cups. I tried to put the syrups in the med cups. I lay her on my lap and in a rapid moment, I gave her the meds. It was a failure again because it made her choke and vomit the meds instead.
  •          Clown-like acting. I even made myself like a clown just to distract her attention. Still it was a failure.

But there is this one thing that lasts until the end for her to take the meds without the too much resisting-act. Although it was not that perfect for at times the meds spills, it is still the best way we had. We just need a meds cup and a 5cc injection.

What you need to do is take out the needle part in the injection and throw it away if you don’t need it anymore. Because the mouth of the bottle and the injection isn’t fit to each other, I used the meds cup to measure the correct dosage for her age. Her dosage was 5.5ml for the Pyrazinamide, 3.5ml for the Rifampicin and 2.25ml for the Isoniazid.

After sanctioning the meds from the cup to the injection, I put it in her mouth and releases dividing into portion. Although she still struggles to avoid the meds, at least it’s no-spilling way. And the meds are direct to her throat.

That’s how we face the fight for almost 6 months. We may fail at most of the time, but the most important is we never give up on her. We never fail her. Thank God we’re through about it.

Did you have the same experience with us? How did you deal with the striving medication with Primary complex patient?

Please feel free to comment and share yours, it will definitely help others who happen to face the same struggle with us at the moment.