Tuesday, June 5, 2012

K to 12: Enhanced Basic Education Program: Are we ready for that?

Improving oneself is improving one nation.

K to 12

                   For some two years ago, an upgrade for the better improvement on the quality education in the Philippines is set. Now, the Department of Education is starting to implement the K to12 Enhanced Basic Education Program. This program covers from kindergarten to 12 years of basic education subdivided into 6 years primary education, 4 years junior high school and 2 years senior high school. 

                   With some reasons, not all woman, parents and moms agreed on these additional years for they see this as additional expenses, effort and time. But lets see on what really is the purpose for having a better quality education: the competitiveness and meeting the international quality education standards. These will improve rankings of our nation as in terms of quality education. The fact is we are the only in Asia still having a ten-year basic education.

                   Now, it's really the time that we improve and be competitive as in terms of our education for the better future of our nation. As they say, we have to face the consequences and problems we meet in order to achieve our goals as to be one of the countries having a quality education. To see a more detailed explanation on K to 12 Program, just click here.

                  As a woman, parents and moms, would you agree on this K to 12 basic education program?