Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Learn Biking After 28 years!

Biking is fun!

The history...

                I’ve been wanting to learn biking since I was a kid. But fears came first. I was really afraid of getting down and getting wounds as a bonus from the experience of the enjoyment of biking. Now, being a woman and a mom, riding a bike is really fun after 28 years.
                Now, I have the courage, the searched braveness that I was looking for back then. Why not face my fears now? Although, I was being depressed for some reason, I tried converting it into a positive way. And that’s biking.
               I was really envy when I saw people who knows how to ride a bike especially girls. Just one day, my youngest sister, Jelly, 7, rush through me just being proud that at last she learned riding a bike. So I and my other sister Charizza, 18, not to mention that she already enjoyed riding a bike also, went outside to see ourselves the truth. And then, we started to widen our smiles as we see Jelly really knows how to do it. Wow! Then I thought: what about me? I was the only sibling who doesn’t know it as of now. So, an idea came into me. Why not tried it? Why not instead of just letting myself lie on the corner my bed still thinking of the why and how things, why not make myself busy trying to put things in a positive way?

Started the first step...and being discouraged

                The next day, about 2:30pm,  I pulled myself and Charizza carrying the small bike into the road, for confidence security. I tried sitting myself on the little triangle chair in the middle and started to pedalled, but I failed. I couldn’t continue the pace. I was also conscious that the neighbours are yelling at me like they’ve never see any 28 year-old, chubby woman tries to learn riding a bike, in their whole life. So, I got shy. I decided to go back in the house and hide myself. The awkwardness, the hesitant, and the self-pity came into me. Why does I really never had the courage to face this when I was a kid. Back then, I would never felt this kind of emotions.

And so pushing through...

                Days passed and the courage was just racing up and down. I tried learning it inside our house which the space couldn’t even reach more than five meters. I hide myself. Then one night, I dreamt of seeing myself riding a bike. So the next morning, I suggested to Charizza to go with me at Mount Carmel, where an elevated, silent road is waiting for me. There, I started again to pedal, pushing my feet to continue pedalling. But failure kept on winning over me again and again. Then Charizza suggested that I should go on the higher part of the road, riding the bike heading downwards where less effort is needed. All I should do is balancing. And I tried, and to my shock, I did it although holding tight the brakes. And I started heading upwards, and the failure comes again. I’ve done it, why not now? So, instead of bothering myself the answers, I just kept on trying the easier way, heading downwards. After some couple of riding downwards, I , again tried the harder way, heading upwards for I know that it is the key on being successful on this mission. Rushing and hurrying, I pedalled. And tralahhh! I did it! The only secret is that I should pedal the bike on a rush so that I could get the balance and the continuous of pushing it. I just did it. I was so proud of myself and so my siblings are. They kept on cheering me up and that really keeps me going. Thanks to them.

Lesson I learned...

                No matter how old, no matter how heavy, no matter of the hindrances I’ve got, still did it. I really didn’t imagine myself that I would get this achievement at this pace of my life. But seriously, what really sinks into me is that never doubt on yourself , never say never, never say you can’t do it without even trying doing it. When no matter how big the hindrances are, how heavy the problem is, if you just see looking for the answers, then you’re closer to your goals. Just face the reality and go through the hindrances, you’ll be shock in the end that you have done it. Just be positive and make yourself proud. And to face fears, start making a pace through it!

                Now, I’m on my second day enjoying the ride. I even widen my quest to farther places and rough roads although still suffering body pains and violet-blue-green portions of my legs being snapped as a bonus. How about you guys? When did you start learning to ride a bike, ride a motorbike or a car? Is the satisfaction the same?