Monday, July 16, 2012

Monster Questions...

Have you ever experienced being asked by your children with 'monster questions'? Yes, I called them as monster questions because just really don't know where I could find the answers or even deliver an answer on a way they would understand.

One day, I was working on my blog when my eldest son, Ares, asked me a question: ' Why does I don't have an H. in my name?' I figured out what is he talking about. And I understood that it was all about his middle name. Yes, he has no middle name and he carries my surname for the reason that he's father was not there to acknowledge his surname being carried by our son, in short an illegitimate child but not unwanted.

So, again I understood that I was asked again a 'monster question'. So, I hurriedly looked for a better, easy-to-understand answer. I told him that his father was not there physically to recognized him on his birth certificate and explaining it in a much broad and easy way. As I was looking at him, I saw a still unacceptable confused mind. I wonder if he really got my explanation, but he did stop asking again.

Whew! What a day! I wish those monster questions would never come again, but I know it wouldn't . For all we know that children as of today are really smarter and confused than we thought.

Have you ever asked monster questions by your kids?How did you deal with it. I would really appreciate to get a response from you guys being a mom and a woman.