Friday, September 7, 2012

VALUES EDUCATION:How to change your negative responses?

Have you ever had negative responses to your children at some time of you being a mom or a woman? 
When at times of difficultness like being stressed, getting into a hard situation, or suffering from a really deep pain and yet you still did negative responses to your children and suddenly you realize that you did was wrong? And you can't even hold it back the way you wanted and the way it should be retorted. That makes you upset, right?
I would like to share tips from the book '365 Ways to Help Your Children Grow' by Shella Ellison and Barbara Ann Barnett, Ph.D on what to do when you aren't happy on the way you reacted under a sudden unexpected situation.

1. Close your eyes and review the situation in your head, trying to see all the little details, onceyou have it clearly in your head, run the scene again, except this time change the way you act. Even though it is in your mine, it is a step toward being able to respond differently next time.

2. It is never too late to say you're sorry. A child will learn very much from this kind of modeling. You might say, " I had a very, hard day today and I am so sorry that I yelled the way I did, it had nothing to do with how you were acting. Do you forgive me?"

I hope these guides on 'how to change your negative responses would definitely helped us parents, moms, woman, and anyone on our daily lives to achieve a better and happier family we are building, foq a happy family would produce into a better individuals being responsible as each member grows in a society and become a good example for each one of us.

So, share us how did you had negative responses and how you had handled it on a well-behaved situation where you felt fine and satisfied? Feel free to share us your thoughts.