Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to help your child grow healthier after Primary Koch’s?

Last March 2011, my younger son was hit by Primary Koch's and now after a more that a year he is better now and I would like to share on how to help your child grow healthier after Primary Koch’s?
As I reveal the story behind my son’s situation, being about 2 years old then and now going four by next month, I see the difference between then and now.


Way back before then, Christian Romaine suffered from fever for about more than a month. See? That really took us into trouble and a lot of worried. We’d sent him into so many doctors, pediatrician and health centers. We even spend a lot of money for the doctor’s fees, hospital service fees, laboratories and a lot of medicines to buy with the additional worry of where to get the desired money to let him get well from the so called ‘unidentified sickness’. Yes’ the doctors don’t have the real cause of his illness. The effect was he loose weight and loose appetite. He was bedridden for a week and never got the strength to even sit down. As a mom, that was really a very hurting moment seeing your child into something you didn’t wish to happen on him.
After months of finding the experts for his illness, it was then at the Philippine Children’s Hospital when we finally get the answers of questions we’ve been asking for months. Doctor Batalla finally said that my child was suffering from Primary Koch's and that he has poor lungs. Then gave the six months under medication. So, as parents we followed the six months medication and took him into province to get him some fresh air.

In Between

The medication started from May till the end of November as what the doctor’s prescribed. The medication should never lapse even on a day. My son, went on taking three antibacterial and became two after a month. On October 14, 2011, my son being attacked by cough and hard breaths earlier, I brought him to the nearest hospital. There, the nursing aids and the doctor told us that he should be confine and get another laboratory tests again to get sure on the situation he is into having Primary Koch’s. He got confine for five nights and four days and under observation. He was injected with several antibacterial and steroids. On the fourth day, the result finally got and found out that he has developed into asthma but not on a very ‘serious matter’. The doctor finally gave us the clearance to went home but gave us the advice that we should really take good care of him having into that situation.
And we continued his medication until November came. We finally finished the race.


chot9Now, after 8 months of finishing the six months medication, I could say that he is better now, he is even healthier now.

How I made him healthier after Primary Koch’s:

The child who has suffered this kind of illness really needs a healthier way of life and what I did to him was:
  1. Drinks a lot of water - Drinking water a lot would really help the body fluid daily requirements being achieve as we all know that almost 90% of our body is fluid.
  2. Drinks milk. .- For him to get the calcium needed for him to get his bones stronger than before.
  3. Eat vegetables . - Vitamins and fibers that our body needs came from vegetables are better especially malunggay leaves that known to have more vitamins than the other. I also let him take commercial vitamins.
  4. Moderate exercise . – I limit his daily activities like running and playing outside for him to not trigger his asthma.
  5. Sleeps well. . – He woke up at around 7am. He sleeps again at 1pm and woke up by 4pm and sleeps at 9pm. That is his usual daily sleep routine.
  6. Takes a bath everyday. . – In order for him to get clean, I oblige him to take a bath at 9am and half baths before he sleeps again.
  7. Clean surroundings. . – As we all know that asthmatic people, dusts are their real rival. I see to it that I change bed sheets every week.
  8. Keeps him away from polluted air. . – Keep them away from their enemies.
  9. Keeps him away from crowd. . – We all know that Primary Koch’s could be somewhere in the air.
  10. That Your Kids Will LOVE! . – A powerful way for them to be taking good care of. :)
So, as a mom and a woman, our children are our real wealth. We invest on taking care of them being our children and as they grow, we don’t know what future they have ahead of them. All I know is that being a mom is loving them unconditionally.

Share us how you had deal Primary Koch's or primary complex over your children and help each other fight over it.