Thursday, April 19, 2012

Somewhat a life of trials....Part II

As I pushed myself to the group, I observed a 4 big men and 4 big women. But two men are so much outstanding with the tone of their voices.

Big Men 1: Did you know that your son has a child already? (Speaking with so much deep, loud voice)
Big Men 2: We are the uncles of the girl whom your son has done such big mistake.

My mom was so shocked hearing it for the first time. I was just listening beside my mom. My mom, with humbleness asked them to humbly soften their voice because of her suffering with heart health issues. I second the motion. But to my surprise, they still didn't follow what we asked them and they burst their immature actions. I know and understand what they're coming from but that doesn't mean of forgetting your values being a civilize citizen, right?

As I continue to observe, the women was just quite maybe observing the kind of home we had. Lately, our home is being under construction, books are everywhere, shoes without partners are scattered like rats, curtains were not put into right places and the floor was still soil, a very not accommodating home we had. But was that a judgement of our soul? I don't think so.